Consulting sessions with a Professional Market Analyst + Professional Trader E-book

If you’re aiming for professional-level expertise in trading, then this course can help with that.



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Consulting sessions with a Professional Market Analyst

The Expert package is the complete trading mastery program. For this part, you’ll be applying the education and experience you’ve gained during the first two courses.

What will you learn?

Supply & Demand – Discover how markets really work – know the basics of the two main factors that cause prices to fluctuate.
Novice Mistakes – Know the common mistakes of novice traders and investors and why some consistently commit such errors.
Trading Platforms – See how professionals trade with a direct access workstation and Level II pricing data.
Pattern Formations – Recognize pattern formations that represent supply and demand areas.
Charting – Learn how to plan entry and exit points by identifying supply and demand imbalance on a price chart.
Technical Analysis – Find out which technical indicators are excellent opportunity-enhancers, and which can be safely excluded.
Trading Strategies – We will be discussing trade management methods that can help with appropriate risk management and understanding the importance of proper reward-to-risk ratios.
Chart Timeframes – Understand how using more than one timeframe can help you get a good grasp on-trend formation in a bigger context.
Cryptocurrencies – From defining cryptocurrencies to learning how to trade them in exploring the potential risks associated with cryptocurrency exchanges this topic will explore every aspect of the latest innovation in the trading industry.
Trend Analysis – Learn what a trend is, its classifications, and when it would be an ideal time to ride the trend or not.
Trading Plan – We will guide you towards formulating a trading plan – a crucial tool to help you see your trading as a business and devise a plan developed to boost your chances to profit.

E-Book (Professional Level)

In addition to the topics listed below, this online guidebook also covers the fundamentals of trading the markets, widely used strategies, and tips from some of the well-known investors.

  • Trading in different types of market
  • The advantages and disadvantages of trading in the markets
  • Trading terminologies
  • Technical Analysis
  • Risk & Money Management
  • Trader Psychology

Market Updates

Market updates are accessible here as well to help you monitor and review your trades.


Education Materials

The Expert course offers you the opportunity to test your ability, applying what you’ve learned on activities such market analysis and trade execution.

  • Live instructional classes
  • Trading strategies
  • Advanced charting software
  • E-books
  • Final exam
  • News articles and insights
  • Economic calendar
  • Daily market signals
  • Real-time market updates

Video Lessons

Video lessons are available to students who had grasped the fundamental aspects of trading and are still interested to broaden their knowledge about the industry, but still would like to know more about it.

Interested participants may view the recordings through their personal Smart Capital account.

Daily Signals

Students will be given access to trading signals to assess their understanding of the signals and their timing of entry.

Economic Calendar

We also have a live and interactive economic calendar for participants of the Expert course to use in their practice.


Advanced Charting Software